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Updated: May 15, 2019

Having a summer wedding? Then you must be really excited about the upcoming event. The skies are blue, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming. The world is STUNNING! You definitely want every single detail of this important day in your life to be absolutely flawless, and complement mother nature’s flawlessness! From the way you dance together for the first time, to the way you bid your farewell in grand style.

Your wedding favors make no exception from the rule. But how do you choose wedding favors that are simply perfect for a summer wedding? Here are some ideas that will definitely inspire you:

· Hand fans. Summer can be warm, so it is certainly a great idea to create hand fans out of beautiful material that will flow gorgeously with your wedding theme. Also, you can create your wedding programs to be the fans as well, providing information and a way for your guests to cool down from the warm summer heat.

· Custom sunglasses. It’s the season to enjoy the sun – and why wouldn’t your guests want to do it in a stylish, unique way? A pair of custom sunglasses can make for a really great wedding favors – they are useful, they are cute, and they are very fun too.

· Offering such an intricate and bold appearance, succulents are certainly a creative waiting favor that allows your love to keep growing. Also, water is stored within their leaves, so the need very little tending to and thrive in warm and dry climates, so they are an easy favor that your guests can enjoy.

· Sweet goodies. Everyone loves a sweet bite, so you could offer cookies, cupcakes or even mason jars filled with delicious mixes, homemade jams or organic honey. No guest will be able to say “no” to one of these delicious treats!

Blackstone Rivers Ranch is an elegant, sophisticated and unique wedding venue located in one of the most beautiful spots ever, just 35 minutes outside of Denver. Our riverside, mountainside wedding venue is here to provide you with a gorgeous location for your Big Day – so contact us, come visit us and book us for this huge event in your life!

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