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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If you had never attended a wedding in your life, the first wedding you would want to attend would be that of Brian and Coretta’s. Not one person who came to this wedding was without a smile. On September 24, 2016, Blackstone Rivers Ranch had never been so full of laughter. This couple’s wedding was an extra special one as Brian and Coretta are personal friends of the owners of Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

Photo Credit: George Street Photography

Decorations were in abundance throughout the ceremony and reception grounds. One of the most notable decorations was the large, enlightened “LOVE” sign that sat at one of the entrances of the tent. This sign was lit all night long as guests celebrated the beautiful ceremony that had just taken place. Beautiful painted muted grey pumpkins were used as the centerpieces for the tables and flowers and table numbers were set around them. This was our absolutely favorite centerpiece of the 2016 wedding season. We loved how this couple used nature as their biggest accessory!

Coretta wore a soft white beautifully laced strapless gown with her hair down in romantic curls, and a simple, elegant veil. She glowed with excitement everywhere she walked. Brian and Coretta provided a ‘guest basket’ in the men’s and women’s restrooms for guests throughout the event. In these complimentary baskets one could find gum, deodorant, hand lotion, Altoids, mouthwash, and Band-Aids. This couple were one of our most considerate bride and grooms of the season.

The main event of this wedding was the dancing that took place after dark. If you were under the tent that evening, and you were not boogieing, something must have been terribly wrong. The highlight of this dancing was the large inflatable zebra a guest had brought to the floor. The zebra hopped from person to person as it was brought to life. So much fun and laughs to be had. To collect memories from this evening, Coretta and Brian used Polaroid cameras for guests to capture their best smile. After the pictures were taken, guests pinned them onto framed chicken wire; a simple yet beautiful decoration.

We absolutely loved celebrating with this bride and groom! Congratulations Brian and Coretta!



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