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Simply September & Stunning!

Wanting a simple and intimate wedding in order to celebrate their love with all of their nearest and dearest, Taylor and Conor fell in love with the stunning beauty of Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

September is a beautiful time of year in the Colorado Rocky Mountains but seemed especially so on the bride and groom’s wedding day. Patiently, Conor accepted congratulations and hugs from the various bridesmaids and groomsmen once they had made their way down the aisle. He laughed as the flower boy in his cowboy hat and boots haphazardly threw white petals before rewarding him with a much deserved high five. But at the sound of the Bride’s March his stomach seemed to visibly lurch, and he couldn’t help but to suck in a shaky breath as his anticipation threatened to choke him.

Stunning in her off the shoulder, long sleeved white gown, Taylor grasped her father’s arm with trembling fingers. Her eyes searching out her love’s, the bride slowly made her way down the aisle, her friends and family to either side. The long train of her gown following behind her, Taylor moved towards her groom with purposeful steps and a wide smile despite her father’s struggle to hold back his emotions.

Sun shining and absolutely dashing in his black suit, Conor couldn’t seem to wait for his bride as she finally made her way to him. Grasping her hand in his, he pulled her close, unwilling to release her. Standing before a gorgeous arch of baby’s breath and Cat O' Nine Tails the pair emotionally exchanged vows as everyone they loved watched. Joy and excitement sweeping through everyone despite a multitude of tears, the pair were pronounced man and wife.

Wedding Photos By: Ashley Taylor Photography

Heading to the reception tent, completely decked out with feathers, baby’s breath, soft pink blooms, and white ribbons everyone seemed to gasp and aww at the elegant and timeless arrangement. Glass bottles with flower sprigs, long white candles woven through vibrant and stunning arrangements of burnt orange, everyone found their chair amongst much laughter and dancing. With photos of their loved ones littered throughout a table it was a stark reminder that love is something to celebrate and find joy in.

The happy couple full and ready to dance, everyone gathered around. Soft lights casting a romantic glow throughout the tent, they held each other as the live band played their song. A private moment just between the two as they basked in each other’s love.

It didn’t take long though for everyone to join in with wild dancing and loud laughter as the night passed in a blur of excitement and good music. An easy favorite, many frequented the photo guest book as they took polaroid pictures of themselves and loved ones before shaking them, signing them, and sticking them to the bride and groom’s guest board. By the end of the evening, it didn’t seem to have a space left in which to fill.

Finally, with wide grins and tired feet, the bride and her groom gathered everyone around as they signed their marriage certificate. Lots of well wishes and laughter ringing out before the band started in earnest once more and drew everyone back to the dance floor.

The long evening coming to a close, everyone gathered glow in the dark sticks as they headed outside the reception tent. Forming a tunnel, family and friends cheered the happy couple through as they started their new lives together as Mr. and Mrs.

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