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Updated: May 14, 2019

Your wedding cake is not just a sweet treat for you and your guests – it is a symbol. Its colors should beautifully match the entire décor. Its style should go along with the entire wedding. Its taste should be all about you as a couple and, and ultimately, the moment you cut the first slice will mark a powerful symbolism at your wedding.

Yes, your wedding cake is more than important to you – but how do you make sure you choose a truly stylish one? Here are some tips to help with some of the latest trends:

· Want to create a wedding cake that awes with its uniqueness, stylishness and beauty? Talk to your pastry chef about creating a wedding cake with a marble pattern that covers it. This is bound to look so stunning and beautiful! Your guests will be more than excited to have a bite of this amazing-looking and special cake!

· If you are searching for a simple, yet original and stylish idea, think of a dripping wedding cake. All you need is a tiered wedding cake and a topping that literally drips from the top tier to the bottom one. This works fabulously with almost every type of cake – from metallic-shaded ones to naked designs.

· If you are the kind of bride and groom who are outdoorsy and love nature, why not have a cake inspired by beautiful geodes? This looks fantastic with a marble-look cake, but it can also work superbly with other designs as well.

Blackstone Rivers Ranch is a sophisticated wedding venue inspired by the gorgeousness of Mother Nature herself. Elegant, timeless and truly luxurious, our riverside, mountainside wedding venue awaits for you just 35 minutes out of Denver – so come pay us a visit and we guarantee you will be absolutely charmed by what we offer!


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