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Considering the Gold Label?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Thinking about the Gold Label Package?

So, you’ve reviewed all of our wedding packages and you just aren’t sure if 10 hours is enough for you and your family... Well... we’re about to tell you the story of a couple who did a lot with their 10 hours on property.

Libby and Gaurav used our Gold Label package to have two wedding ceremonies. First, they had a traditional Hindu ceremony followed by a vegetarian cocktail hour. Then they had a Christian ceremony succeeded by a cocktail hour with alcohol. It was important to this couple to have both ceremonies so they felt united in not just one community, but two. The bride and groom as well as the bridal party and families fully participated in both ceremonies.

When purchasing any of our packages it’s important to note that vendors and vendors only get two hours before you arrive on property to set up and one hour after you leave property to clean up. In the photos below you can tell that the vendors that helped Libby and Gaurav have such an incredible day took full advantage of these set up hours. The florist took greenery and wrapped it around our tent poles to further the “outdoors in” theme we love to provide our couples.

Because these two purchased the Gold Label Package, they did two elaborate ceremonies without feeling rushed. With a guest count around 150, Libby and Gaurav provided an excellent party with a great band for dancing. While the ceremony is exceedingly important on your wedding day, it’s worthwhile to think about how you want to celebrate and what kind of experience you want to provide your guests.

By going with the 10 hour Gold Label Package you can have both an incredible wedding ceremony but you can also be present for the entirety of your wedding reception.

Photographer: Carrie King Photography | Videographer: All Digital Photo & Video | Planner: The Styled Soiree | Florist: MJM Designs LLC | Catering: Elevated Catering | Dessert: A Cake Come True | Band: Raising Cain



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