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Deciding on December

Dreaming of fur-line capes and long, lacy, elegant sleeves? Maybe you have a ball gown dress for the ultimate princess vibe in mind for you wedding day? Looking for something undeniably unique that still showcases your personality? Perhaps, deciding on December would be the best fit for you on your special day.

You can go traditional or even make a fun holiday themed wedding considering the winter wonderland the month of December brings to the Rocky Mountains. Is there any color white doesn’t compliment? I’m not sure there is, but a Christmas themed wedding would be spectacular with the snowy backdrop. Christmas green or red can be especially stunning when used for wedding archways, table centerpieces, and even as part of the overall floral design. Red roses dusted with a faux snow for a classic and yet unique look, mistletoe hung for a quiet and romantic moment, wedding favors wrapped up like Christmas presents...truly the list can go on and on!

Considering layers seems to be an overall theme of December, don’t forget to layer your guests experience with a ton of fun and exciting activities and events that out of towners and native Coloradoans alike enjoy. Not only is December the perfect time for sightseeing, ice skating, skiing, and showing out of town guests the local eateries that we are famous for, but we also have top notch Christmas decorations throughout our local cities! Did we also mention Santa’s Lighted Forest at the Georgetown Loop Railroad? Or about the opportunity to meet Santa during his yearly visit to ride the railroad? This would be such a fun experience for you and your love as well your Christmas loving guests!

Though we get plenty of sunshine into December, we will have much more of a chance for cloudiness with an even larger chance of snow. Plus, did we mention the cold temperatures will be perfect for layering up and adding dimension to your dream gown? The Denver area averages between 49°F-45°F throughout the month of December though not normally exceeding 65°F for the highs. Typically, the weather stays between 27°F-22°F for the lows. If that sounds like it may be just a little too cold for what you are envisioning for your wedding day, not to worry. Despite the snowy backdrop and the icicles clinging to the venue, Blackstone Rivers Ranch also ensures that our guests are comfortable no matter the outside temperatures with a plethora if heaters to use during your special event.

Not only is December a breathtaking month considering the cold air and the beautiful snow topped Rocky Mountains, but here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch you also have the opportunity to enjoy lush forestry teeming with snow, the bustling creek that is typically iced over and local wildlife tracking through open expanses of snow. All while saving your budget!

Photos by: Christy Johnston Photography


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