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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

One of the biggest days you can dream of, is that of your wedding. It is a day that you will remember above all others. You will have close friends, family, and extended family nearby to celebrate a decision you and your best friend have made. You want to look flawless because, well, why not? Although you may THINK your dream wedding is out of budget, but what makes you think it is? There are SO many ways to finance your most special day and the honeymoon of your dreams! Your marriage is one of, if not THE biggest investment of your life.

First of all, take a look at these National Spending Averages:

Category -- 2016 National Average Spend -- 2015 National Average Spend

Overall Wedding -- $35,329 ↑ -- $32,641

The Dream Wedding national spending Average has risen (yet again). “But how are couples able to make their dream wedding come true,” you ask? Below you can see the most popular ways couples have chosen to make their dream weddings a reality. Don’t let those national averages freak you out. Remember, they are averages; they are not exactly what your wedding will cost.

When you think about financing your wedding, here are a few ways to make sure you leave your wedding day HAPPY, and not simply in debt.

SAVE – SAVE – SAVE Obviously, the best way to have your dream wedding and not come out in thousands of dollars of debt is to save, set your priorities (budget), and stick to the number that you and your partner agree to. This will always be ideal. If you are reading this, and not yet engaged… yes, NOW is the time to open a wedding savings account and begin saving. You will thank yourself later.

ELOPE (or have a “Petite Wedding” at Blackstone Rivers Ranch) Skim on that wedding guest list and only have close friends and family. This will cut down your expenses immeasurably. Many people who spend a year or two planning a 100+ person wedding often wish they would have eloped. The process is much easier in many regards!

TAKE OUT A PERSONAL LOAN Personal loans are “Installment Loans,” meaning you pay a predetermined monthly payment, at a set interest rate, over a specified period of time.” These rates can vary based on your current debt, credit score, and amount borrowed. Many argue that this is not the best way to go about financing your dream wedding, but it will do; especially if you have good credit. With good credit, you are typically able to get a loan at a low interest rate, and break these payments into easy-to-handle monthly payments.

RALLY Your friends and family have likely supported you in many endeavors. One fabulous idea is to ask your friends and family to give financially to your big day. Instead of gifting you with blankets, towels, dishware, etc., you can ask them to fund your wedding band, food, liquor package, or honeymoon! Think about all the adventures you can have with your new spouse while on your first vacation together as a married couple! Here is a popular website many couples register themselves on:

CREDIT CARDS? Yes. Credit cards. Believe it or not, credit cards are not ALL BAD. Many credit cards allow you to rack up the points for airline travel and secluded getaways (AKA YOUR HONEYMOON). Don’t let the fear of having a credit card keep you from using it wisely. But remember, you should always plan a pay-off plan for your credit cards. Do not spend without a payoff plan! =) Check out this website for the best Credit Card Reward Plans for Wedding Planning:


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