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Dreaming of May

Is there a more beautiful time of year than the month of May? It's definitely a top contender! Here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch we’re a little biased considering we’re surrounded by an abundance of nature’s scenic charm all year long. Now add in the spectacular mountain views that Colorado boasts, and the luxury of a waterfront venue...clearly May weddings are a spectacular sight.

Given all of the natural beauty awakening throughout Colorado, May is an extremely budget friendly month. The warmth of spring brings in peeking shows of flowers just starting to burst with color. While freshly planted flowers spark joy as well as add an abundance of vibrant color to any backdrop for truly breathtaking photos. May never seems to fall short when it comes to what nature can offer. Not only is this great for those brides looking at their budget with eagle eyes, but it is also fantastic when deciding on the wedding theme or colors. Though it is wise to take into consideration that the early days of May offer tiny peeks of greenery, flowers don’t bloom until closer to the end of the month.

Lush forestry with strings of faeire lights are perfect for both a quiet moment stolen by the bride and groom as well as stunning wedding photos for the whole entourage. The bustling creek and our several trout ponds are simply teeming with both life and beauty. As it isn’t at all uncommon to see squirrels, chipmunks, and other wildlife scurrying to the water’s edge, it is a wonderful opportunity to capture some truly unique pictures of family and friends enjoying themselves along the water. Striking sunsets that push purples and blues, yellows and oranges through the sky creates a unique visual for any ceremony or reception. May is a truly spectacular time of year that brides and grooms can use to their advantage in a variety of ways.

While the month of May is great for all of your wedding day décor, it is absolutely fabulous for your personal style too. No matter how fancy or causal the wedding gown you’re envisioning for your special day, with highs of around 77 degrees you don’t have to worry about going strapless in blush, or off-the-shoulder in a pure ivory, lace confection. Perfect weather for those wanting to ensure that the heat of the day isn’t too much. Add to that, lows of just 67 degrees throughout the month and the worry over cold nights is a thing of the past. Though, here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch we try to think of everything, and that includes heaters just in case the temperatures do drop.

Don’t just take our word for it, come see the dazzling promise of May for yourself as the Colorado foothills awaken into exquisite bloom just in time for the start of the wedding season.

Photos By: Lindy Hickman Photography

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