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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If you have been assigned with the planning of your friend’s bridal shower, you want to make sure it’s a wonderful event – and that both the future bride and the other guests are genuinely happy with everything.

Of course, décor and music play an important role – but it is equally important to make sure your guests are properly entertained. And what better way to do this than by planning some fun bridal shower games?

To help you, we have gathered some of the very best bridal shower games of the moment – so read on if you’re looking for some inspiration.

· Guess what’s in the bride’s bag. This fun game will generate plenty of laughter and great memories, especially if you conspire with the bride to include some of the most unexpected items (such as a water gun, for example).

· Guess who said “it”. List down a few “quotes” from the bride and groom, and then ask guests to guess who said it (the bride or the groom). Whoever makes more correct guesses wins the game (don’t forget to include a small prize as well!).

· The “Inner Designer”. Unless everyone present at the bridal shower knows how the dress will actually look like, this can turn into a really fun game. Give guests pencils and paper and ask them to draw the ideal wedding dress for the bride. They won’t find out if they’re right until the actual Big Day, but even so, allowing everyone to let out their inner designer will be genuinely fun.

· Scavenger hunt. This is a classic party game for those of you who want to feel active and entertained – so why not make it wedding-themed? For instance, you could ask guests to find something old, something blue, something borrowed and something blue. Whoever finds the items the soonest wins the game (so, again, don’t forget to add a small prize as an incentive too).

· Pin the tail on the donkey… bridal version. Print out a large-sized poster of the bride’s favorite male celebrity, ask everyone to refresh their lipstick, blindfold them, and ask them to kiss the celebrity. This can turn into so much fun!

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Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash.


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