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A Heart's Pursuit

Updated: Jan 11

It certainly isn’t a surprise to anybody that we absolutely love weddings here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. The raw emotion, the joy, the new beginnings, the hope...all make for a moving and joyous occasion. That was certainly the case for Molika, affectionally known as Moli, and Adam’s wedding.

Truly breathtaking in a lacy gown, with delicate buttons running the length of her back, Moli couldn’t contain her grin as she snuck up behind Adam. Striking in his blue suit and pale tie, the wind softly blowing through the trees, Adam waited for the gentle touch to his shoulder. Though from the shock and awe evident on his face, even he wasn’t truly prepared for his first glance at his beautiful bride. Spinning her around, his eyes were wide as they both laughed in pure joy. They basked in each other’s love and the knowledge of what the end of the day would bring.

Their fun-loving personalities were on display as they posed for picture after stunning picture along the creek, the bridge over the trout ponds, and among the surrounding forestry before finally tearing away from each other for the big ceremony. With excited glances and a quick kiss, the two parted as bridesmaids ushered the bride away for a last-minute touch up.

Vibrant purples and pale lavender blooms threatening to crush delicate white blossoms, amid a stunning array of greenery, artfully arranged around the ceremony site as well as the mountain designed ceremonial backdrop. The notes of a lonely guitar ringing out, everyone quickly settled as the ceremony began. Bridesmaids draped in gowns of pale lavender followed one after another down the aisle as the groom stood waiting. His anxious energy almost palpable until suddenly the music changed, and the bride began to glide down the aisle. Moli couldn’t have looked more perfect in her halter-style dress, a bit of a train trailing behind her as she slowly moved down the aisle. The whole world seemingly standing still as she came to stand before her beloved, his eyes locked onto hers. Exchanging their vows with quivering voices and potent looks, the two were pronounced man and wife, as all of their friends and family clapped and cheered in celebration. Dipping his bride dramatically, Adam finally sealed their union with a kiss.

The celebration just beginning, the two headed off to the reception tent to get the evening started. Welcome signs and an array of pictures greeted guests as they made their way through tables littered with lanterns, mason jars bursting with flowers, and rustic wooden accents everywhere. Though many guests couldn’t wait for an opportunity to sign the unique and custom Jenga block guestbook or grab a quick sweet before the happy couple was announced. It wasn’t long after their entrance as Mr. and Mrs. that those nearest and dearest to them stood, toasting Moli and Adam’s love for one another amid tales of their adventures. While the toasts were definitely emotional with many dabbing at tears, there wasn’t a lack of laughter.

With a bounty of food, lawn games, and dancing, the evening seemed like it could go on forever, before the two finally made their way outside. A glowstick tunnel made up all of their friends and family to send them off, Moli and Adam laughingly made their way over to their classic car. Top down, the two were flooded with well wishes and words of advice before they managed to drive off into the night.

Wedding Photos By: Walnut Street Photography


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