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Honoring Love

Updated: Jan 11

Honor means so many things, to so many different people. To ask one person or even a dozen people what honor means to them is to open yourself up to a dozen definitions of varying degrees. At Blackstone Rivers Ranch, we seek to honor our guest’s vision of their special day, which is as unique and as wonderful as each and every one of our couples, but especially in regards to Kayla and Mitch.

A wonderfully funny couple who had very strong feelings as to what honor was to them and truly wanted to bring that into their wedding. Despite their affinity for fun and laughter, the two were very serious about the journey that they were embarking upon. All jitter and nerves the two carefully prepared themselves for their big day with the help of their many bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Every last detail seen to with growing anticipation the two met amongst the bustling creek and the surrounding woodland, careful not to catch sight of one another until trembling, Kayla made her way up to her beau. His back facing her, she gingerly touched his shoulder. Grinning, Mitch turned to her with a gasp of shock. Tears in his eyes, he couldn’t help but to twirl her about, the train of her elegant gown swirling about her feet as he got his first look at his lovely bride. The two stealing a special moment before the groom headed off to the ceremony site.

With the love and support of all of their many family and friends, Mitch, debonair in his suit and tie, waited for his bride with an enormous smile. Elegant in a form fitting gown with lace cap sleeves and relatively backless, Kayla floated down the aisle on a sea of happiness. Her eyes glued to his, as she finally stood before him. In a touching scene, intent on honoring their love for one another as well as their love for God, the two exchanged personal vows detailing their commitment and love. Sealing their union with both a kiss and a tree planting, the two were welcomed by both families amongst joyous shouts and cheers.

Touches of dusty blue florals amid stunning pops of white and sprays of burnt orange with lots of greenery, the happy couple made their way to the reception area. Honoring their departed loved ones, they stopped by a stone platform filled with photos.

Focusing on the happiness and joy of their wedding day, Mitch led Kayla to the dance floor under the soft lights of the tent. Taking a private moment to bask in each other’s arms, the two clung to one another before their family and friends lured them into “The Shoe Game”. Loud laughter and cheers heavy in the air as the two boldly opened themselves up and answered questions about themselves.

The night long from over the newly wedded couple encouraged everyone to sign the Jenga blocks they used as a guest book, joked, danced and had the time of their lives with all of their many guests under the brilliance of the twinkling stars.

Blessed beyond measure to have found each other, they ended the long evening under a canopy of glow in the dark sticks. Their lips meeting, everything else seemed to fade into the distance.

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