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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Photography: Emily Elizabeth Photo

Few things are as stressful as planning a wedding – and even more so when you want to invite a large number of guests. Sure, you have to pay attention to detail no matter what kind of wedding you are planning, as this is a huge moment in your life and it only makes sense that you want everything to be perfect.

Yet, planning a larger wedding has its particularities – and you should be very much aware of them before you proceed.

What are they? What are the things you should know if you want to have a large wedding? Read on and find out more.

· You need to be extra, extra careful with planning. Obviously, you will do this regardless of how large or small your wedding may be. But when it comes to a larger wedding, you have to add in some extra attention to detail. Why? Not because a large wedding is more important than a small one, or anything like that, but because it’s easier to fix issues when you are handling a small number of guests. When you have tens or even hundreds of guests, every tiny problem can exponentially multiply to the point of it being a catastrophe.

· Give extra thought to hiring a good event planner to help. The larger the wedding, the more things that can go wrong and the harder the problems can be to solve. A good event planner can be well worth the cost and can save you a huge amount of stress, particularly with a large wedding.

· Keep your budget in mind. Things like catering and liquor can add up quickly the larger the number of attendees. So keep those extra costs in mind as you build your guest list.

· You need to be extra careful with the backup bad weather plan too. This is important for every outdoor wedding – specifically because, well, you cannot control weather. We all want sunshine and perfect temperatures on our wedding days, but to this point, nobody has discovered how to control Mother Nature. So, your next best option is to plan for alternatives in case it rains. A wedding tent or an indoor space can be a life-saver, especially with so many guests who risk getting wet, cranky, and deeply dissatisfied.

· Last, but definitely not least, do keep in mind that the venue you choose bears a huge importance in the Big Day and how everything will eventually turn out. You need to make sure not only the seats will cover the actual number of guests you have invited, but that the space itself is enough for everyone too!

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