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Updated: Apr 10, 2019

As the bride, you are more than grateful for the wonderful man you have chosen to share your life with – and you want him to be genuinely happy on the day that will unite you forever. You surely want to show his mother how amazing she is for having raised such a great man – and planning a special mother/son dance is one of the best ways to do this. Celebrate the woman who helped form your dream man!

How to do it? We have gathered some mother/son dance song suggestions she will surely love – so read on and find out more.

· The Beatles’ In My Life. Is she an old-school romantic with a fine ear for Beatles and the 60s? In My Life is an ever-green classic that’s mellow, sweet, beautiful and truly touchy – which is precisely why it’s perfect for a mother/son dance.

· Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World. It truly is a wonderful world when you have a son who loves you and who is willing to show just how much he appreciates your dedication and sacrifice! This song is a really emotional and beautiful one – but with its positive note, it is bound to make at least a few guests shed a tear or two.

· The Band Perry’s Mother Like Mine. An unconventional song with a crystal-clear message of love for mothers, this song is a wonderful choice if he would love to tell her how he feels. The words are perfectly chosen and the tune itself is really amazing too!

· Do you have more ideas? Please send them to us! We’re working on some amazing song lists and would love to hear your suggestions.

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