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Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Being a mother is one of the most important jobs on earth. After all, as mothers, you are shaping the very future of mankind – and that’s the kind of task that will never be easy. Of course, your job never truly ends. Even so, there are times when it will feel more essential than ever – such as on your children’s wedding day.

Do you know your roles as the mothers of the brides and grooms? If not, here are some tips to make certain your kids say, “I could not have done it without her!” and NOT say, “If only she would have let me shine….” You want everyone to appreciate you and your input, without them feeling like you’re overbearing.

· Discuss the wedding details with the other parents, and with the bride and with the groom. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are expected to pay for the wedding reception. However, modern families choose to do things differently – so it is important that you all have this discussion. Also, if you come from different cultures, it is important to discuss certain traditions you might be happy to see in the wedding. Talk to the bride and see if (and how) they can be incorporated. Keep an open mind, respect everyone’s opinions, and be an amazing listener.

· Help find the perfect dress. If you are the mother of the bride, you should give positive input. Remember, it’s your daughter’s style – not yours. So when you LOVE something about a dress, point it out with enthusiasm. If she loves it, but you don’t, resist the temptation to be negative. Maybe ask her to try on a few more? =)

· Spread the word about the bridal registry. As you may very well know it, saying anything about the wedding registry on the invitations is considered to be a major faux pas. So, the bride and groom will have to call for the help of their immediate family and close friends to share the news about the bridal registry. Help them with this and they will receive presents they will genuinely enjoy!

· Think about what your children love and respect about you the most. Is it your humor? Positive attitude? Problem solving abilities? Whatever it may be, know that they are counting on you for your best on this day. Whatever you do best, bring it 110% – whatever you do that pushes their buttons should be non-existent on their most special day.

· Celebrate! It is one of your most important milestones, as well as theirs. Don’t forget to laugh, cry, and have one of the best days of your life!

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