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Updated: May 14, 2019

Wedding lighting is one of those expenses you definitely don’t want to skimp on. Together with a gorgeous venue, your lighting can create the perfect atmosphere for the big “I Do’s” and it can make for priceless, unforgettable moments (both for you and for your guests).

What are some of the most important things to know about lighting up a wedding? We have gathered some tips for you…

· Festoon lights and fairy lights. Delicate, playful and whimsical, festoon lights and fairy lights are very similar, but the first ones are suitable for the outdoor, whereas the latter ones are better for the indoors (such as when you want to create a canopy out of lights).

· Up lighting, pattern projections and gobo lights. Again, these types of lighting are rather similar in nature, but they create different effects and they usually have different technologies behind them. Up lighting uses colored or non-colored filters to emphasize different areas of the wedding venue, pattern projections are usually used on the ceiling or floors (but they work marvelously on walls as well) and gobo lights are usually about projecting the couple’s monogram (which will add a very personal touch to the entire event).

· Pinspot lights. If you want to make your wedding reception centerpieces pop with beauty, use pinspot lights. This technique uses a very narrow beam to light up the center of the table, thus emphasizing your centerpieces and making them look more unique.

Blackstone Rivers Ranch is a luxurious riverfront wedding venue ready to host your Big Day in big style. Come visit us, allow us to charm you with our stunning mountainside location and we guarantee you will love every single inch of our venue! Contact us and find out more!


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