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Updated: May 22, 2019

Planning a wedding is never easy – not even with the largest budget in the world. Planning an autumn wedding in the beautiful Colorado mountains has its own unique challenges too! With the wide range of details involved in such a hugely important life event, it is perfectly understandable why so many brides seek for help when it comes to their wedding planning.

What are some of the essential things all couples should know about planning a fall wedding? We have gathered them below – so read on, and find out more about creating your dream fall wedding:

· First of all, understand the implications. School has started, so you might want to let everyone know of your wedding date further ahead of time than usual, so that they can make plans. Some vendors may be less expensive during fall – but if you plan your big day around a major celebration, you might want to book them well ahead of time.

· An outdoor wedding is not ruled out of discussion. On the contrary, actually – fall outdoor weddings are really popular these days, and can be truly amazing. Fall at Blackstone Rivers Ranch is truly magical! We have pines, aspens, maples and oak trees on the property, which truly create a stunning landscape. Days are usually warm, but nights are cool. Be sure you keep your guests warm with gas heaters and that you do have a plan B, just in case it rains. We have everything figured out for you here!

· Your creativity is the only limit. There are so many gorgeous fall elements that can be incorporated into a wedding! Mini pumpkin pies for the guests, apple cider for the bar, seasonal flowers and fallen leaves in your bouquet, pumpkins in the flower arrangements, leaves used as décor for the cake – think out of the box and you will create a truly stunning fall wedding!

Still looking for the ideal location? Come and visit Blackstone Rivers Ranch, just 35 minutes outside of Denver! Out fabulous mountainside and riverside location will provide you with all the glamor, luxury and elegance you need for your big day!


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