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Nomadic Nuptials

June is a beautiful time of year seemingly regardless of where you happen to be, but especially in the Rocky Mountains. For avid travelers like Victoria and Austin, it is an especially joyous occasion as they celebrate their love for one another amongst family and friends.

Travel a major theme of their wedding, Victoria and Austin set up a mailbox as a unique take for their guest book and asked their guests to not only sign their name but give advice to Austin and his bride as to where they should go on their next adventure. Wanting their guests to take part in their many travels, the happy couple set up a one-of-a-kind seating chart featuring all the places they had visited. Decorating the centers of their tables with a mix of world maps, lanterns, candles, and an abundance of greenery, they whisked their guests away to various locations across the country and the world by designating each table as a different destination. With a plethora of suitcases bedecking aisles and globes spinning on rustic tables with a lovely combination of purple blooms, pops of white buds, and a wealth of soft peach flowers decorating every inch of Blackstone Rivers Ranch, it was truly a unique and stunning array.

Every detail noted, and accounted for, the bride, with the help of her bridesmaids, was breathtakingly elegant even as she slid on her bedazzled wedding shoes. Big smiles everywhere, she prepared for the first look, her dress in hand. His purple tie personalized with a note from his soon-to-be wife, the groom looked both anxious and dazzling in his pale grey suit as he waited amongst the graceful aspen trees for his bride. A mixture of emotions crossing their faces, their eyes locked onto one another.

Their first look both an emotional and light affair, Victoria and her beau headed to the ceremony area. Leading the bridal party, amid uncontrollable giggling from all in attendance, the flower man threw flower petals as he danced and twerked his way down the aisle before exiting, though not before properly presenting himself to the groom! Shocked bridesmaids, unable to help but laugh themselves, closely followed in gowns of pale lavender, with their groomsmen. Elegant in a beautifully wispy gown heavily featuring lace detailing, and mostly backless, the bride made her way through the wooden benches amid suddenly solemn guests. Wet eyes focused on the graceful beauty of the bride, as she glided towards her soon-to-be husband. Exchanging their own personalized vows before their friends and family, Victoria and Austin were visibly holding back their tears.

The reception kicked off as guests found their seats under the twinkling lights of the reception tent. With many family and friends wanting to toast the joyous couple, there was plenty of love and laughter, though there didn’t appear to be a dry eye anywhere. Though the festivities lasted well into the night, with guests eating and dancing the night away, the bride and her groom seemed to have eyes only for one another as they started yet another adventure.

Wedding Photos By: Elevate Photography

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