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Updated: May 14, 2019

Rustic-themed weddings have been really popular over the course of the past few years – but if you have already gotten tired of seeing all that country-chic décor at every wedding, you should definitely consider something a bit different for your Big Day. For example, a boho-inspired event – an amazing idea that keeps your wedding easy and interesting, but also chic and unique!

How to pull it off? How to plan the perfect boho wedding in the mountains of Colorado? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more…

· Boho weddings are very imperfect – and yet absolutely gorgeous in their imperfections. They put together mismatched elements, DIY décor and a unique touch of natural accents that make everything amazingly beautiful and absolutely original.

· Flowers and nature play a huge part in a boho wedding – so make sure to include them as much as you can. However, don’t forget that boho wedding florals should look wild and natural (e.g. a bouquet made with wild flowers and not too many embellishments). Thus, you might want to steer clear of the detailed, picture-perfect flower arrangements found everywhere.

· Keep in mind the fact that a boho wedding might feel easy to put together – but that you will need to pay extra-attention to the details that can very easily push your décor “off” the theme and completely out of the elegance you seek. Be well-balanced and, maybe even more importantly, be consistent with your boho wedding. For example, you can choose to emphasize your wedding theme through your bridesmaids’ dresses alone or you can choose to add other bohemian elements too. Regardless of what you decide, you should make sure to be very consistent with your choices.

Searching for a superb riverfront mountain wedding venue that’s simply perfect for a boho-inspired wedding? Here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, we have prepared an exquisite spot for you and your guests! Embraced by nature’s beauty, our venue is the go-to location when you want to plan a magically unforgettable event. Contact us and find out more about what we have to offer!

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