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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Photo: Meg White Photography

Wedding music should be played at the perfect volume… ALL NIGHT LONG!

It is perfectly natural and expected to want nothing less than pure perfection for your wedding day. Every single small item, every tune, and every fragrance – everything about this event should be amazingly unique and unforgettable for you. And your music is by far one of the most important elements you’ll need to think through.

What does the volume of your music have to do with success of the Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Playing music too loud is not a good idea. Your guests still want to hear each other (and it is more than likely that some of them will even want to actually chat with each other). Extremely loud music is probably not suitable for the wide range of guests you will invite to your wedding… Can you imagine your grandma surrounded by the bass sounds of the latest super-loud EDM tune?

· At the same time, playing music too low is not a good idea either. You want your guests to actually join the dance floor – not fall asleep at their tables. Ideally, you will have to find the perfect volume level for your particular venue, your type of event, and even your crowd of guests you’ve selected.

· Last, but definitely not least, remember that most wedding venues have restrictions on their amplification. What is so amazing about hosting your wedding at Blackstone Rivers Ranch? We are also a concert venue! Not only do we allow amplified noise, we celebrate it! AND…you can rock out until midnight! We know the party is often just getting started at 10pm… so why would you want to end before midnight? Go on Cinderella… we’ve got you covered.

Blackstone Rivers Ranch will provide you with an absolutely stunning wedding venue. Come visit our superb location, just 35 minutes outside of Denver! The riverside, mountainside spot we’ve built our elegant venue on will perfectly complement the magic, the sophistication, and the uniqueness of your wedding day! Contact us, come see us, and we promise you will absolutely love us too!


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