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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

There are a ton of wedding dress styles to choose from, the real question is which style is for you? Sure, we all know the dress that looks the best on our computers, the ones we pulled out of that bride magazine to put in our wedding book as inspiration, but have you taken the time to explore what style your body shape might be best suited for? There are several different body type categories, and truthfully, no one bride fits into just one. With that in mind, we’re here to help you better understand your shape in order to narrow down your search for you dream wedding gown. You know, the one that makes you feel absolutely stunning!

Very full and curvy on both the top and the bottom with a smaller waist? Voluptuous from head to toe? You must have an hourglass figure. A Mermaid gown is an absolute must to try on when it come to an hourglass shape! Designed to flatter and play up all of your natural curves, its snug fit around the hips, and thighs really shows off your body while making you look model-tall. We must admit the style isn’t always easy to walk in. If you have something a bit more relaxed in mind, try a fit-and-flare! It is slightly less structured, but equally as glamorous considering it is still very form-fitting around the bodice but flares out at the hips as opposed to the knees. Have we mentioned a V-neck? Flattering and versatile, this style of dress is great for our lovely ladies with the hourglass figure as it highlights ALL of your curves. We did say all, didn’t we?

Is there any body shape an A-line dress doesn’t compliment? The answer is absolutely not, but ladies with a pear shape body seem especially dreamy in this style of dress. An A-line dress is fitted at the waist or hips and takes a gradual diagonal flow to a wide hem at the feet. For those with the pear body shape, it shows off all your best assets and then some! Possibly even consider a wedding gown with an overskirt if you want to focus more on your waist and hips. You can also flaunt your hips and booty with a fit-and-flare wedding gown. Though, an asymmetrical wedding gown would be absolutely stunning as well given the emphasis and shape it will drape about your body. Don’t necessarily count out detailed necklines and bodices though as they will also flatter your upper half and give you the illusion of proportional balance if that is what you are looking for.

Smooth, monochromatic fabrics are perfect for more petite brides as the flowy layers and vertical details really show off, and enhance their silhouette. Usually, petite framed woman are shorter than average in height and often have quite a slender and small body shape. Sheathed light fabric gowns that billow flatteringly around your frame are quite stunning. As with any sheath wedding gown, you can pair it with a long train to give it a little extra pizzazz. Amazingly comfortable and yet extremely flattering. Did we mention that open backed dresses are absolutely spectacular on petite frames as well as empire waistlines? Both of which will elongate the frame and give you all the wedding day feels!

Ladies with an apple shape, heavier on top with a larger bust, look breathtakingly beautiful in wedding gowns that feature wider straps or sleeves which will leave these brides with a soft and romantic figure. Did we mention the additional bust support? Not to mention a sweetheart, portrait, bateau or even an off-the-shoulder neckline is sure to flatter your natural curves as does any kind of an accentuated waistline. Fitted gowns are also fantastic for this body shape as it flatters your curves and can even mimic an hourglass shape.

If you have more of an athletic frame with slim hips and shoulders but long legs, you might find that a classic and yet subtle A-line make you look and feel gorgeous! The flowy skirt will enhance and play up the waistline and hips area. Cowl neck or a sweetheart neckline will accent and emphasize your natural bust. Another fabulous alternative is a daringly bold gown! Your naturally slim and lean frame could be beautifully adorned and flattered in either lace or embroidery. Especially when laid over a figure-hugging sheath dress.

Curvy silhouetted women typically have full and voluptuous body types. They have that extra bit of curve that allows for a full bust and full hips very similar to the hourglass figure, but are slightly more filled out in the middle. Plenty of shoulder details and dramatic waists show off all those curves! A structured bodice will definitely help with control if your concerned about your midriff, but it is does unspeakable things for that full bust. A-line dresses are also an excellent choice as they are famous for adding a bit of a balance to ladies with a wider frame while still allowing you to show off your figure. Scoop necklines, as well as a halter can add definition and shape to your shoulders while still flattering and enhancing the bust. With so many curves, its easy to pick and choose which of your assets you want to focus on and downplay anything you don’t.

Let’s get real, real quick. Not one woman has ever looked at herself and thought I’m absolutely perfect. Flawless. So, feel free to let go of any and all of those pesky insecurities and flaunt whatever shape you have. What is or isn’t becoming will largely depend on what you want to highlight about your body. Choosing the perfect wedding gown for your body type is less about trying to conform your body to a dress and more about picking a dress that’s built for your shape. The right wedding dress will make you feel perfect and flawless regardless of what you think your flaws are. The dress is going to be breathtakingly beautiful, because YOUR already breathtakingly beautiful. We should know, because here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, we’re surrounded by natural beauty every day, and it’s not size specific.

Photo by: Wanderlight Wedding Photography


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