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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Fall wedding dress trends for 2018 are here – and oh, my, how stunning they look! Comforting and exquisite, luxurious and out of the box, the new wedding gown trends will steal your heart. If you’re a fall bride in Colorado, you will definitely want to include at least one of these trends into your look!

What are some of the most notable bridal dress trends for fall 2018?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· This trend had a peak a couple of years ago and, after a short break, it seems to be back with us. This time, you can expect dresses themselves to be bouffant, as much as the sleeves (but don’t expect just short sleeves to take this baroque-inspired shape: long sleeves are here for the bouffant trend too!).

· Lush fabrics. For a while there, it seemed that satin, taffeta, and silk were more or less off the radar. However, for fall 2018 we’ve started to see a LOT of these fabrics coming back in full force. If you want to look elegant, polished, and really festive on your wedding day, opt for a shiny fabric – it can make even the simplest dress stand out from the crowd and make its wearer feel special.

· Short and box, inspired by 1950s button-down shirts, long and stretchy, lacy, or completely opaque, off the shoulder or completely detachable, sleeves are here to stay for the cool winter and fall seasons. No matter what bridal style you appreciate most, and no matter what body shape you may have, you are bound to find a sleeved wedding gown to suit you from every point of view!

· Interesting necklines. It’s not all about the V-shape and the sweetheart neckline. More interesting options are popping up for brides who want to make a real impression: halter-tops made from see-through fabrics, capes closed around the neck, daringly off-the-shoulder, or dripping, necklines are a way to make a full fashion statement in its own right.

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Photo: Vanessa Thomas Photography Wallin | Woods


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