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Bright & Muted February Color

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

For some brides, they dream of their wedding in terms of color. From beautiful, subtle lavender and blush tones, to stunning shades of golds and greens, to deep tones of burgundy and reds, there are so many options to convey a couple’s personality and the overall tone of their wedding. And February brides do it oh so well! Set against stunning mountains of white, these brides use all the glitz and glamour of the newly fallen snow to really showcase their vision of their wedding day.

Many brides love to use the overall theme of Valentine’s Day for their February wedding, cue the deep reds and soft pinks, that really make a statement. However, the month of romance is a fantastic choice for a variety of color palettes. All the sophistication and edge of true black as it stands out against the stark white snow drifts. Timeless navy and gold are lovely options throughout any season of the year, but nothing sets them off quite like the white backdrop of a snowy landscape. Utilizing the shimmer of a winter wonderland is perfect for a stunningly elegant look with soft blush tones and a wild mixture of olive. Not to mention the undeniable perfection that is purple. While amethyst may be the birthstone of February, and is quite breathtaking on invites and bridesmaid dresses, the month is known to host a multitude of versatile hues: lavender, orchid, plum, and eggplant to name a few favorites.

Colorado has long been thought as one of the most beautifully breathtaking places to be during the winter - a real life winter wonderland. Though many think of dark or brooding snow days, any Coloradoan will tell you that we have sunny days all winter long - over 300 days of sunshine a year! The snow is layered softly atop the mountains and the surrounding landscape, and shimmers as it basks in the winter sun. With snow falling in thick bursts of uniquely beautiful snowflakes, a winter wedding provides the most stunning and distinctive wedding photography.

February is commonly considered to be one of the snowiest months of the year, and Idaho Springs typically averages between 25-43F. So make sure to bundle up and plan ahead! Despite the snowy mountain tops, winter weddings at our venue are a blast! There is a beautiful and cozy fireplace on our front patio, and outdoor heaters if you want to enjoy some time outdoors at the venue, before meandering inside for a lovely reception. While love is always in the air here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, February seems to be a month teeming with romance and whimsy. Take advantage!

Wedding Photos By: Epic Photography


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