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The Big Finale

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

(How to make a lasting impact on your guests during your grand exit that is also safe for the environment)

On your big day, do you have a special ride or spectacular send-off planned to accentuate the end of your extraordinary day? A big send-off can be a real crowd pleaser and leave a lasting effect on your guests, above and beyond or in addition to a fancy getaway car. Most venues have burn bans and regulations in place, to protect their buildings, grounds, the environment and wildlife. Which often means an outdoor venue doesn’t allow flames or things like confetti or petals that have to be picked up.

So, what do you do to partner with your venue in protecting and preserving the environment? Consider a Ribbon send-off! A ribbon send-off where you give each guest a small stick with a ribbon attached to it. Then your guests get to wave it and create a cool and cohesive effect, which also plays beautifully on video. You can go simple with lavenders and whites, or as colorful as the rainbow. This is a great option to protect the environment and show off your unique personality.

Another option is a Smoke Bomb send-off. This is when you give out hand held smoke bombs that set off clouds of color. These smoke clouds can add a dream-like effect that is unique to you. You can also explore a wide range of various colors that go hand-in-hand with your wedding day theme!

Lastly if you want to go out with a bang, consider flameless sparklers. These can display up to 15 feet of unreal fireworks! They usually come in a small box that can be controlled by remote so no one has to man them. Or a more budget friendly option are the battery operated handheld sparklers that are beautiful, both day or night. Either will give you a spectacular exit that no one will forget! Choose one of these to protect the environment and make your wedding everything you’ve always hoped it would be from exemplary beginning to spectacular end!


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