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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Weddings should be three things: they should be emotional, they should be personal, and they should be FUN.

Of course, there are a thousand and one ways you can bring these three ingredients into the Big Day – but when it comes to the fun part, you want to be as unique as possible if you are to truly surprise your wedding guests.

What are some of the most inspiring wedding entertainment ideas? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

· The Wedding Wheel of Fortune. Create a wheel of fortune with different fun prizes on it – such as “the couple has to kiss” or “the couple has to dance on a rap song”. Ask guests to spin the wheel – if someone wins a prize, you have to perform that task. This will generate so much laughter and so many great memories!

· Take away. Not sure what to give guests as wedding favors? How about giving them some pretty, personalized empty boxes – and ask them to fill them up with their favorite treats from the candy bar before they leave the wedding? This way, you make sure everyone goes home with a treat they will actually love.

· Mad Libs as an RSVP card. Make your guests actually want and not forget to send the RSVP card back in due time. Create a fun Mad Libs-like text and ask guests to fill it in. You can even add a line to find out their favorite song, so that you can include it in your wedding playlist!

· Use some fun facts about yourselves to decorate the tables. Since you will most likely group your friends/ family together and his friends/ family together, switch things up a little and offer them fun facts about the person they know the least (e.g. fun facts about you for his friends).

· The Shoe Game. Want to skip the bouquet and garter toss and replace it with another fun wedding game? The bride and groom are seated, holding one of their shoes and one of their spouse’s shoes. The Maid of Honor and Best Man take turns, asking “who” questions (e.g. “who will do the dishes”), and the bride and groom answer by lifting the shoe of the person who will do that (e.g. if both the bride and the groom think the groom will be the one doing this, both of his shoes should be lifted).

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Photography: Jackie Cooper Photo

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