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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Sometimes life can be far too monotonous. You wake up, commute an hour to work, work for eight hours (at least), get a lunch break (if you’re lucky), go home, and cook dinner. Then maybe watch a TV show or answer emails. Then, you do the exact same thing the next day. Sometimes this monotonous life can lead to dulled relationships, lack of spark, and unhappy marriages.

If you are in need of a spark in your marriage, current relationship or friendships, or if you simply need a weekend to get away from it all, we invite you to stay in the Claim Jumper Cabin. Take a breath of fresh air, listen to the creek, go for a hike – simply re-energize. Not only are there serene views, and the chance you’ll see wildlife, but you can relax next to the fire, and be present with those you love. If you feel inclined to book your stay at the Claim Jumper Cabin, call us to coordinate in-room wine & beer service, as you surprise that special someone upon arrival. We can have your room prepped with wine, beer, or Champagne on ice prior to your arrival for that perfect welcome.

Call us directly at 303-567-2339 to coordinate your in-room drink package after you book the cabin today on AirBnB.

Need suggestions for more fun things to do in Idaho Springs? Definitely visit our quaint Olde Town, and look for more suggestions here! Enjoy your visit to Idaho Springs!

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