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Updated: May 15, 2019

Your wedding ceremony is going to be a true emotional rollercoaster, filled with tears of happiness, anxiety, love and memories that cannot be forgotten. Naturally, you will want to make sure all these special moments are not only beautifully captured in photography and cinematography. But what are the most essential things your photographer or videographer should definitely not miss out on? We have prepared a quick list for you:

· The ceremony itself. The magical and surreal moment as you walk down the aisle, the wedding vows, exchanging the rings, the kiss – these are not things you do every day. They are absolutely sentimental and unforgettable – so be sure they are properly captured for the decades to come.

· The father-daughter moments. No matter how tough your father may act, the truth is that seeing his little girl get married will surely touch him to the marrow of his bones. He loves you more than any other man and he wants you to be really happy – and it is precisely for this reason that you should honor this special relationship with photos and video captures that catch all these beautiful emotions.

· The bridesmaids and groomsmen. These people are there to witness your love story. They are there to be your true friends and your great helpers on this very important day of your life. They deserve to take the center stage at least for a small part of your wedding album and video. They really deserve to be captured for the posterity, with all their emotions, clumsiness and true sisterly and brotherly love they share with you and your future spouse.

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