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Updated: May 14, 2019

Almost mysterious and definitely charming, wedding customs vary a lot – not only from one country or faith to another, but even within the same countries and states. What are those timeless wedding traditions you will definitely want to bring into the Big Day? We have some tips for you:

· The cake. Regardless of whether it is an actual tiered cake or something to replace it (a tower of cookies or even a tower of cheeses and fruit), the wedding cake will always be there. Sweet, delightful and truly exciting, the Cutting of the Cake moment is the kind of wedding highlight most people enjoy – so it’s most likely that you’ll want it at your wedding too.

· Exchanging rings. What could be more symbolic for never-ending love than a wedding ring? It doesn’t matter if you want a very intricate design or a very simple, classic wedding band: the rings will always bear a crucial significance in the entire course of a wedding.

· Holding a beautiful bouquet. This bouquet is not just a bunch of flowers – it a gorgeous arrangement that mirrors you, your relationship and your hopes for the future. It is the most beautiful accessory a bride can wear and, beyond that, it is the perfect item to “hold on to” as you nervously walk down the aisle.

· Not seeing each other before the wedding. Sure, many couples choose to have a “First Look” session – and that can turn out to be a genuinely amazing idea! But there will always be couples who are not so keen on leaving tradition behind and who think it is all the more romantic to have your “First Look” at the actual ceremony.

Blackstone Rivers Ranch is located in Idaho Springs, Colorado. A mountainside and riverside venue with luxury running through its corridors, rooms and ceilings, we are here to help brides and grooms plan exquisite, exclusive and opulent weddings. Contact us, find out more about our services and book us for a magical wedding day!

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