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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Most people associate weddings with brides – and it’s understandable, given that everyone wants to see her walking down the aisle, wearing her gorgeous dress. But let’s not forget the groom – it takes two people to get married! And while this might be a huge event in the bride’s life, it’s also a pretty big one for the groom as well.

So, what should the groom do on the day of the big event? We have some tips – so read on and find out more.

· Nourish your body. Yes, food might actually be the last thing you are thinking about right now (and believe us, your bride is going through the exact same thing). However, keep in mind that you have a long, energy-draining day ahead of you – and your body will need energy for all that dancing, having fun, and socializing. Plus, with all the things you’ll have going on during your wedding day, it’s quite likely that you will not get to eat very much off the actual menu – so it’s best to have a healthy breakfast before it all starts.

· This is stressful, we know. After so much hard work, so many discussions with your mom and her mom, so much running around searching for the perfect ring and then the perfect tuxedo, it is all finally happening. Relax by listening to some music. Go for a walk or short run. Clink a glass of something with your buds (but make sure you don’t have more than one because the last thing you want is to feel tipsy during the ceremony!).

· Surprise your bride. Writing a heartfelt, honest note or card to your bride can be one of the best things you ever decide to do. You have no idea what a positive effect this will have on her! Regardless of whether you have a special gift prepared for her or just a note, trust us when we say that this is bound to bring tears of joy into her eyes!

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