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Updated: May 15, 2019

Planning a wedding can come with a lot of difficult moments – and yet, one of the most stressful and demanding ones will always be forming the guest list. How do you do this? How do you navigate the wedding guest list creation and come out clean and sane on the other side? We have some tips for you.

· Before you even begin to work on the guest list, decide what expectations you, your loved one and your parents have. This can be tricky if any of your parents are helping you financially, so it is important to discuss things first.

· Decide what the “cutting” criteria are. This will make it easier to communicate and collaborate with your fiancé and the other people participating in the guest list creation. Possible criteria may include people you haven’t talked to in “x” number of years, children, plus-ones (except for spouses and very stable relationship partners, and so on).

· Create your dream guest list. This will include all the people you truly want at your wedding if money were not an object. Later on, if you feel inclined to add to the guest list more people than you originally decided, think of your dream guest list. Were the new guests included? If not, it would probably be best for you not to invite them now either.

· Think of an A list and of a B list. The A list contains all the people you wouldn’t imagine your wedding without. The B list includes the people whom you care about and actually want at your wedding. If you start seeing negative response from the A list, start sending invitations to the B list, in the order of their importance to you and your significant other.

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