Your Floral Flare

(How to show your personality and taste through simple DIYs)

Photo by: Joseph Nguyen Photography

DIY your bouquet! You can show off your flare with tropical flowers. Tropical flowers are big, bright and vibrant. Or maybe you prefer a simple, elegant look with stunning white roses. Bulk sellers like Costco and Sam’s can provide a large number of flowers for a great price. If you are looking for a more urban feel, consider beautifully colored succulents for a stunningly natural, modern feel.

In this way you can decide what flowers you want and how you want them arranged. You have full control of what you want your flowers to be used for. Consider making your own bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, or even a flower garland for an archway. This lets you cover all your floral needs for a little less, while having full control of the look, feel and overall design of your big day. Your guests will experience the more personal and beautiful creativity of your own hands – while you experience a savings in your budget.

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