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Updated: May 14, 2019

Your wedding centerpieces are more than just “flower arrangements”. They should complement your style and your wedding ideas, while bringing joy and beauty to every wedding table.

How to choose centerpieces that perfectly accompany your wedding theme? We have some great ideas for you.

· If you are the kind of bride who wants her ballgown wedding dress and her classy wedding décor, your wedding centerpieces should definitely match this. Search for beautiful light-colored blooms and bring them together in bouquets that are very structured and neat. Don’t forget to also choose vases that are simple, elegant and timeless!

· Rustic-chic. Planning an outdoor wedding? Rustic-chic flower centerpieces are simply perfect for warm weather outdoor events – so you might want to consider them. Go for a “freshly picked’ appearance, for seasonal flowers, for unique fillers (such as berries, for example), and for unstructured designs that are beautifully wild. Choose baskets, Mason jars or buckets as “vases” for your centerpieces.

· If you want to have an elegant vintage wedding, search for muted colored-flowers and place them in low vases, in arrangements that are delicate and luxuriant at the same time. Accessorize your centerpieces with beautiful vintage elements – such as clocks, vintage vases or even antique books).

· Want your wedding to feel like a true dream come true? Your centerpieces should be truly glamorous, then! Tall centerpieces, filled with very large and opulent, cascading blooms and accessorized with crystals and shiny metals – these are just some of the characteristics glamorous centerpieces possess. Don’t limit your creativity, though!

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