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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Thinking of having a rustic theme for your wedding? The right venue and decorations can turn your vision for a rustic wedding into a reality. Rustic weddings make people feel like they are “at home” in a comfortable location where they belong. Picking the right venue will be important to getting that feeling right. Look for features like exposed beams, natural wood finishes, farmhouse tables and benches, soft lighting, and fireplaces or fire pits. Rustic wedding décor options will focus on natural materials including wood, stone and leather. Wooden decorations and tree branches in particular are easy to find and incorporate into your venue. Beautiful, light florals and greenery can also help to create a rustic environment. Here are some decorating ideas that can bring your rustic wedding vision to life:

1. Wood Picture Frames

Decorating with wood picture frames can help give your wedding a rustic vibe. One great idea is to have a table filled with pictures of the bride and groom, starting with them as children and showing them growing up into adults and finally as a happy couple. Consider having a guest book on this table too.

2. Centerpieces

Centerpieces with white blossoms and greenery are essential for rustic weddings. Glass jars, including milk jars, can make a wedding feel like it is in the middle of a beautiful countryside.

3. Rustic Place Cards

Instead of paper place cards, why not use a unique material such as wood or cork? This small detail can have a big impact on guests. Laser cut or engraved wooden place cards would be a nice keepsake for guests to take home after the event.

4. Rustic Guest Book

Using a plank of wood as a guest book is a unique wedding idea. It also gives the bride and groom something special to take home as a keepsake.

5. Decorating with Tree Branches or Antlers

Adding tree branches or antlers to a wedding’s gift table, dessert table, or photo backdrop can add rustic charm to a wedding quickly.

6. Decorating with Flowers

Wood planter boxes with flowers and greenery can be placed around a wedding venue to add beauty and enchantment.

7. Rustic Dessert Table

Placing a wedding cake or desserts on top of a round plank of wood incorporates nature into the wedding atmosphere. Add flowers, greenery, branches, or antlers for extra decoration, and don’t forget a rustic-themed cake topper!

8. Wood Engraved Signs

In addition to be extremely helpful for wedding guests, signs are another great option for adding to your rustic vibe. Directional signs that point to parking, the wedding entrance, restrooms, and more can be laser engraved on wood, or printed in a rustic style and font on off-white card stock. Signs can also be included for food or drink menus. There are instructions available online to learn how to DIY wood signs, or your local print shop can create the signs for you.

9. Rustic Backdrop

Spend a little time creating a rustic photo backdrop to give everyone a lovely photo opportunity. A wood pallet backdrop can definitely create a rustic feeling. An alternative to a wood pallet is a metal or wood stand that can be draped in beautiful fabric and flowers. Add greenery and string lights to complete the look.

10. Rustic Lighting

Don’t forget the importance of lighting for your venue. Hanging string lights can definitely add to the ambiance of a rustic wedding. Lanterns with soft white or yellow light bulbs can also add allure. Keep in mind that most wedding venues do not allow candles.

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