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All the Glitz and Glamor of January

White muffs, beautiful wedding boots, fur-lined clothing, delicate lacy trimmed sleeves...sounds like something straight out of a fairytale, or just the start of a glitzy and glamorous January wedding. With twelve months in a year, there is a lot to consider and chose from when it comes to setting a wedding date. Honestly, we can make a case for any month as they all have something so uniquely their own to oooh and ahhh over, but it really boils down to how the bride and the groom see the vision of their wedding day coming together.

Rather you have been dreaming of something that leans on the traditional side, maybe way over to holiday themed territory or even something in-between, January has you covered. Though big bonus points go out to all those who dream of a New Years Eve or New Years themed wedding! No month seems to bring on the bling quite like January. Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, any pop of color can really make your snowy day radiant but adding a bit of sparkle and shine isn’t just for the topper on the cake. Consider glitter streamers for confetti in your centerpiece. If you do this instead of flowers you can save money and you won't have to worry about the flowers wilting. Bits of glitter sparkled in your invitation, champagne glass party favors or shiny ribbons for your unforgettable send off. Did we mention the magical and whimsical images that falling snow generates as it illuminates the bride and groom in a angelic glow that cannot be recreated in any other setting?

Winter brides know that there is nothing more unique or beautiful than falling snow, rather it lands on the venue or the bride. The cold air gives ample opportunity to any bride looking for an opportunity to build layer upon layer to her dress, be it a ball gown or a fluffy A-line with a bit of a flounce. While layering is for far more than tulle or lace, don’t forget to show off a bit of personality with custom clothing to adorn your dress. Denver averages around 45°F for the highs of the day while averaging from 22°F -24°F during the lows of the day. Sounding a little too cold for what you have in mind? Luckily, Blackstone Rivers Ranch thinks of....just about EVERYTHING! Not only are there a plethora of heaters to keep you warm through the long winter days, but there is also a fireplace to keep you nice and toasty while you watch the snow building upon the mountains and surrounding forestry.

January represents so many things, but the possibility of new beginnings seems to be the overall theme, which presents brides and their grooms with the perfect opportunity to emphasize such a unique and special milestone as they embark on this new and exciting part of their lives as a married couple. The only real question is: who’s the better half?

Photo by: Trev G Studios


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