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Updated: May 14, 2019

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest, most joyful and most amazing days of your life – and it should not be in any way filled with any kind of regret. You want to remember this day as a perfect event that marked your life – but how do you make sure you steer clear of regret and “what ifs”? We have gathered some of the most common regrets brides and grooms have – so read on, find out more and learn from their experience:

· Not hiring a videographer. While hiring a photographer is an absolute must, hiring a videographer can also be a great complement to your Big Day. A photographer’s work is static and it cannot capture live moments, whereas a videographer’s services will help you capture every second of the most magical moments at the wedding – such as the “I Do”, the wedding toasts and the grand farewell, for example.

· Stubbornly trying to follow trends. Wedding trends are there to inspire, not to dictate or duplicate, so there’s really no reason why you should try to follow every single trend. “Steal” those that appeal to you and stick to them – don’t include elements in your wedding just because they are fashionable. After all, this is your wedding and, years from now, you want to remember it as an event that represents who you are as a couple, not the trends that dominated the bridal world at a particular moment in the past.

· Not booking a great venue. The venue you choose for your Big Day is absolutely crucial for the success of the entire event – so make sure you put some serious thinking into this. Not only will this be the space where your wedding takes place, but it will also influence a long list of decisions – such as colors, theme, guest list, and so on. A terrific venue can help you save money by providing beautiful spaces – less to decorate!

Want to rent a venue that will not disappoint you in any way? Elegant and sophisticated, Blackstone Rivers Ranch is a wedding venue located just 35 minutes out of Denver, in a splendid mountainside and riverside spot. Come visit us, allow yourself to be embraced by the gorgeousness of what we offer and you will absolutely love it here!


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