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Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Your summer wedding is bound to be an event nobody will forget. Surrounded by the gorgeous sunlight and the welcoming, soothing temperatures of the warm months, your wedding will be absolutely stunning from all points of view.

A Colorado mountain wedding offers scenery beyond compare, and what better way to add a pop of color than with beautiful flowers?! How to make sure you choose the perfect flowers for a summer wedding?

· In general, you should settle on flowers that don’t wither (or die!) when exposed to prolonged high temperatures and direct sunlight. Succulents, freesias, orchids, dahlias, calla lilies, cupheas and many other similar flowers can be excellent choices for the hot summer days and they can look really beautiful when brought together in elegant, sophisticated arrangements.

· At the same time, bear in mind that all flowers with very delicate petals tend to wither much more rapidly, especially in the weather conditions of summer. Hydrangeas and peonies are two of the examples of flowers that wither quickly in hotter, lower elevations. But not in the mountains! Our temperatures are typically 10 degrees cooler than Denver, so bring on the delicate flowers! They’re much less likely to wither here than in the flats.

· If you absolutely must have any of the “not-so-great” flowers at your wedding, avoid using them in traditional centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres. Instead, consider the option of having them submerged in underwater centerpieces. Not only will this look truly unique, but it will also be a great way to ensure your florals stay “young” for the entire course of the Big Day.

Here, at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, we can provide you with a superb natural backdrop embraced by our riverside and mountainside location. A luxury venue in its entire glory, our intimate and elegant spot is here to help you have the wedding your love story deserves!

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