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Rustic weddings have been extremely popular in the last couple of years – and to be honest, you have all the reasons to love them. Somewhere in between elegant and country-inspired, these weddings are full of personality and beauty – and they definitely make for unforgettable moments too.

How to create a beautiful rustic wedding? We have gathered some gorgeously elegant décor elements you can include in your Big Day – so read on, inspire yourself and create a wedding that’s truly stunning!

· Location matters. Choosing the right venue is crucial with every wedding theme. But when it comes to a rustic wedding, you have to be even more careful with how you pick your wedding venue. Blackstone Rivers Ranch is embraced by natural landscapes that are haunting, cozy and truly remarkable at the same time, perfect for accompanying a rustic theme!

· Colors matter too. If you want your wedding theme to be greatly emphasized through color, focus on shades you would see in the country side. Deep browns and earthy tones, accent colors inspired by wild flowers, delicate pastels combined with vibrant greens – these are some of the best colors you could choose for your rustic wedding.

· Incorporate rustic-looking flowers. Keep in mind that your wedding florals should also be connected to your wedding theme. Garden roses, dahlias and wild flowers tend to go very well with this type of weddings precisely because they have an “untamed” natural look that perfectly complements the idea of a rustic décor.

· Small details make the big differences. Wooden kegs for the beer, country music, wedding favors that are beautifully incorporated into the wedding theme – these little things can make the big differences, so focus on the details if you want your rustic wedding to be really unique.

Searching for a superb rustic venue for your Big Day? Come visit Blackstone Rivers Ranch! Just 35 minutes outside of Denver, our event center is surrounded by the most astounding and scenic landscapes. Come visit our riverside mountain venue and book us for a magically elegant wedding!


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