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Updated: May 22, 2019

Regardless of your role in a wedding, delivering a speech will surely be an emotional and nerve-wracking experience. How do you make sure your speech is truly appreciated by everyone present? How to pull off the best wedding speech the guests have ever heard? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Know your audience. You may know some of these people – but, unless this is a really intimate wedding, you cannot know all of them. Take your time to analyze the guest list and create a wedding speech that’s well-suited for ALL the guests present (known & unknown). Be as “PC” as possible.

· Keep it short. Your speech shouldn’t last for more than a few minutes – it can very easily become boring for the guests and it can put off the bride & groom’s “day-of” timeline too. Keep it short, sweet, and unforgettable!

· Keep it simple. Props may sound fun during a speech, but remember that clicking the mouse, showing the picture, talking (and being personal about it) can all take quite a lot of coordination. Avoid awkward moments by keeping your speech smooth and unadulterated.

· Yes, practice at home in the mirror. Get it right before the Big Day!

· Make it personal. Direct your speech at someone (and be sure you check etiquette rules when doing so). Regardless of whether you are the Maid of Honor, the father of the bride or the groom himself, you should make sure your speech is truly personal and beautiful.

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