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Daytime Wedding

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We love a daytime wedding up here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. There’s just something about having the sun up for the entire event.

Below are pictures of a fabulous wedding we hosted for Makenna and Seth. The two got married at the beginning of July during our 2018 season. These two had a strong religious base, which you can see throughout the photos to follow.

The two made a point to not only include their religion but to also include nature. The photos below start with a picture of the two on top of Mount Evans, captured by Vanessa Thomas. The drive to the top of Mount Evans is about a 30 minute drive, depending on where you pull off to take photos. Throughout these photos, there are touches of nature everywhere!

With the help of Love Letter Floral Design, there is some type of plant in every photo. They designed an amazing flower crown for Makenna to wear the entire day. Every flower they used was vibrant with summer colors, including the pops of orange and red on the cross. They even had light wildflowers in simple glass vases as the centerpieces on the table.

There’s much to say about bringing your own personal aesthetic into your wedding. That’s precisely what Makenna and Seth did for their big day. They had so many personal touches with pictures and loving quotes throughout the space.

These two made it clear that their love is as bright as the sun on a July summer day. Thank you, Vanessa Thomas Photography, for these stunning photos. And thank you to all the vendors who made this day possible.



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