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Updated: May 22, 2019

Your wedding theme matters so much! Choosing the right theme can completely change the look and the “vibes” of your big day – and it can make it truly special, both for you and for your guests too.

Why would you choose a rustic theme for your wedding day? Even more than that, what are the best ways to pull it off in a really stylish way? Rustic doesn’t have to be dowdy or too casual. Rustic can be incredibly high-end and luxurious at the same time. For those of you high-style and chic brides, you CAN have a chic, but natural mountain wedding. We have some tips for you…

· Start with great wedding invitations. Since these are going to be your guests’ first interaction with your big day, you should definitely choose a design that is appealing and very well-coordinated with your wedding theme. Inspire yourself from nature and create invitations that will amaze everyone!

· Be sure you choose a genuinely suitable wedding venue. Rustic barns, country mansions, historical buildings, national parks and, in general, places surrounded by splendid natural beauty are all perfect for a rustic-chic wedding. Here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, we offer an incredibly high-end experience, while staying true to the natural rustic beauty of the Colorado mountains.

· To create a stunning rustic luxury wedding, it is very important to be very conscious with your décor-related choices. Generally speaking, there are some elements that will always go marvelously with rustic-chic themes – such as wooden objects, mason jars, wildflowers, dried flowers, fruit, burlap, lace, pinecones, hay, chalkboards, photo frames, and so on. However, one of the best parts about this wedding theme is that you can be totally creative with the décor! You can incorporate chic and stylish modern elements. Think Restoration Hardware and West Elm for inspiration!

· Last, but surely not least, your cake is important too. A buttercream cake with fresh flowers and fruit as décor, a naked cake or even a vintage-inspiration cake – they will all be more than well-suited for a rustic wedding.

Still searching for the venue? You’ll find Blackstone Rivers Ranch just 35 minutes outside of Denver, in one of the most spectacular riverside and mountainside locations in the entire country. Come visit us and we guarantee you will absolutely love what we offer here!


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