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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

PHOTO: Brittany Photographs

Having a summer wedding is, without doubt, a truly popular decision – and it is understandable why! With the nice weather outside and the abundance of greenery, flowers, and ingredients for delicious foods, it makes all the sense in the world to have your wedding during this season.

What about planning the right timing for your summer wedding – is that something you should keep in mind?

Obviously, yes!

And here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when it comes to this!

· Your venue’s end date dictates it all. Starting with that, you will be able to reverse-engineer your wedding day timeline in a way that helps you fit everything in the time allotted for you by your wedding venue. In general, you should plan about two hours for the dancing, another two for the actual dining (including speeches and special dances), one for the cocktail hour, and approximately one hour for the entire duration of the ceremony.

· Want to make sure you’re away from the burning sun? This can be very important, especially since the powerful UV light and the high temperature around noon could cause you or your guests to feel sick. If you want to avoid this, you might want to plan your wedding ceremony towards evening time, at around 4-5 pm.

· Do you want a romantic sunset? And if so, when do you want it? Do you want to have your first dance at sunset, or maybe allow your guests to dine with the splendid view of the sunset falling over the Colorado mountains? Depending on how “outdoors” your wedding will be and what you want to “do” with the sunset, you will have to plan your wedding timeline accordingly. As a general rule of thumb, sun starts to set at around 8, 8:30 pm during summer months – so if you want a special moment to take place with the view of sunset in the background, keep this in mind.

Looking for a splendid riverfront wedding venue in the Colorado mountains? Our views here are absolutely breath-taking all year round – so contact us today, come visit us, and pick your wedding date! With us on your side you are more than likely to create a fantastic wedding day. Contact us and you will never regret it!


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