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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Stained glass has something incredibly elegant and stylish about it, so it only makes sense that sooner or later, designers would think to incorporate it in wedding decor.

Have you ever considered this? It can look amazing, especially if you want your wedding infused with color and warmth.

What are some fun ways to incorporate stained glass into your weddings? We have gathered a few ideas below.

· The cake. Your wedding cake is one of the main focal points of your reception. It is important to coordinate your cake with the overall theme and colors you have chosen. Having it painted to resemble stained-glass can be a fun and beautiful addition to your decor. We guarantee people will be instantly attracted to its beauty!

· Beauty and the Beast stained glass. If you want to mix this theme with a Disney-related theme, use glass domes and have them painted in a stained-glass style. This can be such a romantic way of circling back to the Disney story and sticking to your modern stained-glass motif as well!

· Stationery. If you want to go all the way with this theme, why not infuse your wedding stationery with it too? For instance, you could have your wedding invitations painted with something that resembles stained glass. Furthermore, you could attach small stained-glass charms to each place card and offer this cute little gift as a wedding favor.

· Glasses. You don’t have to paint your glasses in a stained-glass style. What you can do, however, is create a mélange of glasses in different colors. Look at vintage rentals to round out this look. It will add so much texture and style even to the simplest wedding table arrangement!

· Photo backdrop. Want to provide guests with a unique photo backdrop – or maybe you want to create something special for your wedding ceremony? How about a large panel with stained glass-like design? It will look SO stylish and eclectic!

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