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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

When you imagine your dream day, it’s hard not to think of your closest friends and family present. These are the people that mean the most to you – the ones who TRULY celebrate your milestones in life. But what if they become drowned among the hundreds of guests you invite to your big day? What if they’re present at the wedding but one of the hundreds of guests you’re trying to greet?

There are many reasons we LOVE petite weddings. Importantly, no one feels as though they were invited because they HAD to be. Our petite weddings allow for guests to truly feel special when they are invited to your special day. Petite weddings encourage couples to invite only their closest friends and family members – making the memories – though there may be fewer, that much more special.

Another reason we LOVE these weddings is that when hosting a Petite Wedding, one can splurge on other facets of the wedding they might normally hold back on. If a bride wants a designer gown, she can have it! Instead of paying for the dinner of 200 guests, she can pay for the dinner of 30 guests and still get the flowers she’s been gushing about for years. Or the ice cream bicycle she’s been envisioning for weeks now! Or serve Dom Perignon ALL NIGHT LOOOONG! With less guests, you can hire a 10-piece band to play soft music leaving guests with quality music rather than an iPod playlist.

Lastly, if you are a crafty bride, do-it-yourself projects are much more manageable. With a 200-person wedding, a bride is nearly incapable of a do-it-yourself wedding. Imagine all the favors, the guestbook, the photo booth props, etc. that coincide with the wedding. With only a few guests, you can do almost everything yourself! You can make each favor personalized or even make all the signage/games imaginable!

What is NOT to love about Petite Weddings? They truly give the bride and groom a chance to make their dream wedding happen, without breaking the bank! Blackstone Rivers Ranch provides the absolute best Petite Wedding Package… Ask us about it today!


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