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The Art of Groom's Fashion (part 1)

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

While everyone knows a bride who has gone just a bit over the top, today we're talking about our favorite grooms who want and need a little extra pizzazz. What better way for men to really show off some of their personal style and personality than with their wedding attire? While some men are certainly content to wear whatever their partner chooses for them, we know that isn’t the case for everyone.

One of the most important things to consider is when your wedding will take place, where your intended nuptials will be held, and the formality level of your wedding day. We know how hard this can be given all the unspoken rules and guidelines that seem to also be completely open to interpretation. Hopefully we can help - something we’re known for at Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

A big part of choosing just what to wear on your special day involves the weather. Will it be hot and sunny? Warm and cloudy? Possibly wet and rainy, maybe even dry and snowy...we might as well put our hands up and call it a day when trying to determine the weather in Colorado. Wait a few minutes and it’ll certainly change has been a long-standing motto. However, knowing the season can certainly help push you in the right direction for picking fabrics that will be both comfortable and practical. Though deciding upon an indoor or outdoor wedding will also help narrow down your options.

If you’re planning an outdoor extravaganza in the middle of June, lighter fabrics such as chambray, linen, silk, or seersucker are certainly high on the list, as they don’t absorb heat. Consider light colors when planning a summer wedding, like a pale blue suit or an off-white dinner jacket. For a more fall-oriented wedding, think layers! Vests are very popular for this time of year and don’t be afraid to go with something a big darker, bold even. Navy and burgundy have been known for stealing the show! But don’t count out polyester or tweed given that both fabrics are known to lean to the warmer side, while still allowing for a very distinctive look.

Though, winter isn't as popular a season to tie the knot as the summer months, it's the time to showcase velvet! Who doesn’t love the texture and warmth that a velvet tuxedo jacket displays? Did I mention style...with a capital S? We also love a fine cashmere or wool for a winter wedding, especially something dark green or even charcoal colored. A spring wedding can be a bit tricky as it fluctuates between cold and warm - sometimes in the same day. Blended fabric is typically ideal for this time of year. For instance, a wool and linen blend is ideal as it won’t be as heavy as a full suit of wool, nor will be it as cool as a strictly linen suit. Don’t be afraid to pull in some layers or add a spectrum of colors such as pale grays or even a medium blue to your wedding day ensemble.

Everything seems to revolve around color when it comes to a wedding. If there is a color scheme or a theme to your wedding, it is ideal to choose your clothing so that everything coordinates. The idea to is pick a color that doesn’t clash with the décor or the venue. Keep in mind that you can still stand out by picking a suit that is completely different in color to your wedding party. We’ve also seen grooms who draw the eye with ties that match their groomsmen’s shirts for something a bit more subtle. Don’t be afraid to show off your style and personality, just remember the word coordination.

Last but not least by any means is whether to wear a suit or go with something a bit more casual. Wait, I meant accessories! Nope, shoes. seems a part two might be in order. Follow this link for more on groom's fashion...


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