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The Art of Groom's Fashion (part 2)

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Style seems to be a heavy word when considering what a groom is going to wear on his big day. Are we talking patterns and gematrical shapes? What about accessories? Are we going big and bold or soft and subtle? There is a lot to consider. Where does one even start? A good rule of thumb for grooms is to take a few pointers from their partners. But by understanding what style your partner is wearing as well as the overall palette or theme of your wedding, can give you a more accurate depiction of how fancy or casual you need to be. The last thing you want to do is go too causal!

One of the biggest questions is suit or no suit? You also need to think about what you feel comfortable wearing. If getting measured and fitted for a smart suit or tuxedo makes that inner suave and stylish man happy, then go for it! However, we’ve also seen a rise in stylish yet laid back ensembles that features a sharp vest and slack that still boasts a classic style but certainly not as traditional. Let us not forget those men who are able to keep it super causal with simply a dress shirt and a pair of comfortable pants. With so many options, you can easily pick and choose what works best for your comfort, style, and personality.

Accessories are also an important part of a groom’s wedding day ensemble and with a variety to choose from, you can’t help but to find one or two, maybe even five or six you can’t resist. First off, tie or bowtie? While there are a ton of reasons for going with either, it really boils down to a groom’s personal vision of what he looks the most amazing in. We’ve even seen a groom or two sporting both at the same time. Suspenders or a classy vest has been a loaded question the past couple of years, as their popularity has risen. A little extra flair never hurt anyone, but what better way to show off your quirky personality then with a colorful set of suspenders or a flamboyant vest? Let us not forget to mention hats and all of the unique options for dazzling your partner and guests.

While women are certainly known for their love of all things shoe, many forget that many men are just as obsessed! Throw tradition and uncomfortable shoes to the wind and opt for some truly original loafers that feature snake or alligator skin or patent leather. You can also tone down your style by choosing a penny loafer with a stacked heel or tailored flip flops! For something with a bit more sophistication, try a monk strap. Extremely versatile with either a singe or double strap, these shoes were designed around the ultimate in comfort as well as practicality. If you’re thinking you want something just a bit more elegant and classic maybe a patent leather oxford or a captoe oxford is what you’re really searching for. Honestly, the options are endless, and your perfect shoe is just waiting for you.

With so many options, decision fatigue can set in quick, but what better way to let loose with your quirky side? Trust us, here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch we’ve seen it all and unbelievably, we’ve yet to see a groom who didn’t look absolutely debonair in his wedding day ensemble. Did you miss part 1 of this blog?


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