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The Magic Effects of Makeup

There are so many amazing moments that go into planning a wedding, though for a bride every part of their appearance for such a special day is meticulously planned and anticipated. After spending so much time and effort finding the most perfect wedding gown to hug your body, the most perfect heels to have ever graced your feet, the most stylish and glamorous your hair has ever been. There comes another important detail to completing your look...your makeup!

Successfully styling your face for your wedding often requires a little more consideration than your regular, everyday look. Most likely you will want to stray away from your typical makeup routine for something a bit more dramatic. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go completely opposite of your typical makeup. You everyday makeup look should have the opportunity to inspire your wedding look! So, if you are known for wearing deep red lipstick consider keeping it and incorporating it in your look. This will ensure that on your wedding day, you still feel like yourself. It could even be what is considered to be your signature piece of makeup, something that your soon to be spouse remembers about you from the first time he laid eyes on you, or even your first date.

Most famously considered looks for a bride are Natural, Dramatic, and Classic. However, contouring will add dimension to your face no matter what kind of look you choose for your wedding day, which can be very important for a more photogenic look. Given the constant flash of cameras as well as the videographer, you want your makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

The best way to achieve a natural makeup look is to use a nude lipstick in addition to natural shades of eyeshadow. If you wish to use eyeliner, stick with the top eyelid only and use a minimal or nonexistent wing. Consider going very light and thin on the application or maybe even use a subtle brown.

Achieving a more dramatic wedding day look is as simple as grabbing your eyeliner! Add a noticeable wing half a centimeter to a centimeter long. For application try applying the eyeliner to the top and bottom lids of your eyes. Following this up with good mascara and bold lashes will really complete the look for a dramatic affect. Finally using some darker shadows like black, burgundy, or deep purple can really make a statement. Start light in the inner most part of the lids and form a gradual gradient to your darkest selected color.

For a classic look, follow some of the natural makeup rules and use lighter colors, but this time with a bit more pigment. Try a light lavender or a reddish gold for the outer eye and a bronzer fairly close to skin tone color for the inner eye. Follow this with a black liner and a good mascara. You can also add false lashes to give it a more finished and dramatic look. For the lipstick, try a color closer to your natural skin tone but add a bit of your favorite pigment like a pale pink or a deep but light red.

At Blackstone Rivers Ranch we believe in enhancing the natural beauty around us! We’ve never seen a bride look more beautiful then in front of sweeping mountain views, lush forestry, or a bustling creek. All of which we have enhanced at our wedding venue to allow for even more absolutely breathtaking photos of your wedding day.

Courtesy of Callie Hobbs Photography


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