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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Wedding décor is not about showing off. It’s not about trends that HAVE TO be adopted. It’s not about complicated artwork.

It’s about making people feel welcomed. It’s about adding a touch of surprise. It’s about making your wedding ceremony and venue look like part of YOUR love story.

What are some of the wedding décor ideas that are bound to wow your guests with their uniqueness and personality? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

· Tall candle holders. If you want to create the kind of décor that feels torn out of a modern fairy tale, candles are an absolute must. And how else to make a real décor and style statement, other than by incorporating tall candle holders into your Big Day? They can be golden, silver, white, or even bronze (amazing idea for those who love a vintage touch!). They can hold short or long candles. They can be however you want them to be – but regardless of what you may choose, they will make your wedding tables look absolutely majestic!

· Mismatched bouquets and centerpieces. Don’t think of your wedding flowers as something that needs to match shade to shade with everything wedding-related. On the contrary, think of your wedding flowers as an element that will add LIFE and ENERGY to your wedding décor. They can do it in white bunches with plenty of greenery, but they can also do it in bouquets that boom with color and playfulness. This is just perfect for a summer wedding!

· Colorful ribbons. Want to add a bit of childishness and carefreeness to your wedding décor? Do it with colorful ribbons. They work marvelously as décor for the wedding chairs, for example. But they can also help you create a wedding ceremony canopy that will make your dream “I Do” come true. You can coordinate them in groups of two or three colors, but you can unleash the kid in you and play with all the colors of the rainbow at the same time too. It’s entirely your choice!

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