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Tips for the Father of the Bride Speech

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Photography: Lindy Hickman Photography

The speech by the father of the bride is usually the first speech at the wedding reception. This was because, in the days of the old, the father of the bride usually paid for the ceremony and was thus the host. If this is your first wedding as the father of the bride and you’re wondering what to say and how to say it, we’re here to help.

The Introduction

First, start your speech by introducing yourself and your family. Talk about how the wedding day has been so far too. If you have one or two jokes about something that occurred during the day, this is a great time to lighten the mood by telling it.

The Welcoming

Next, welcome everyone to the reception. Thank them for coming and don’t forget to include a special thanks for those involved in the organization and planning too. This is also a good time to mention, if comfortable, important family members or family friends that have passed.

Focus on your Daughter

After welcoming the guest, show appreciation for your daughter. Remember that your speech is a summary of the good wishes of you and her mother, so be sure to use words like “We” and avoid embarrassing stories. If you and the bride’s mother are divorced or separated, this is not the opportunity to take cheap jabs at your ex no matter how tempted you might be. A funny story about your daughter’s years growing up that highlights her good personality and how amazing she is would not be amiss. Do not forget to include your first meeting with her spouse and how positive you feel about their future happiness.

Welcome Her Spouse

This is the part of your speech where you give a good opinion of your daughter’s spouse and welcome them to the family.

Words of Wisdom

Finally, to cap off your words as the father of the bride, congratulate the new couple on their wedding and impart a few words of wisdom about marriage and life in general.

The Toast

The toast is the ending to your father of the bride's speech and we’re sure you’d be relieved to get to this point. Ask everyone to raise their glass and toast to a happy future for the couple.

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