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To Be or not to Be live FLOWERS

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

(Highlighting the new trend of silk, wooden, and latex flowers. No need to pay for preservation!)

Photo By: Burruss Jasper

Ok, you’ve found your dream waterfront luxury mountain wedding venue at Blackstone Rivers Ranch in Idaho Springs, Colorado. What is the second most important detail after finding the perfect dress? Your flowers! You choose from what season you want to base your flowers on, and follow it with adding your favorite colors. Is it purple or red? Is it yellow or orange? Of course, it is easier to begin choosing, because we know you are already neck deep into Pinterest foraging for inspiration! But should you get real flowers or fake? You may want everything to be as real and as lively as possible, but does it mean your flowers have to be real? Your initial answer may be ‘yes, of course my flowers should be real!’ But have you considered how you will preserve them? Preservation is another cost to consider in your wedding budget. You may be looking for that antique faded look for your dried, preserved flowers. That’s a beautiful way to go. Or if you prefer your flowers to last longer than a month or so beyond your wedding day, silk or latex may be the way to go, the color will last in much longer. Another new trend that is hot, is wooden flowers. These flowers don’t droop, and don’t lose their color. Believe it or not they will save you so much money on the purchase price, and they do not require preservation. These roses and peony flowers can be life-like and require absolutely no maintenance. We know how stressful it can be not seeing your flowers until the morning of your wedding day. With these options, you can order them well in advance so that you can be prepared and make sure they are exactly what you want. Most of these fun wooden bouquets can be found on Etsy. If you are looking for a softer flower consider silk or latex, which can be found on Amazon or your local craft stores.


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