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To Have and To Hold

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, the bustling creek and the magnificent forestry, we’re used to seeing the truly breathtaking everyday here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, but Chandler and Amanuel truly blew us away with their encompassing love for one another.

Rain gently falling from a blue sky, everyone gathered around onto wooden benches, white umbrellas breaking up the stunning greenery as music began. Gliding under an archway heavily decorated with lots of greenery, sprays of tiny yellow buds mixed throughout big, vibrant orange blooms, with soft touches of pink and pops of blue, Chandler slowly walked down the aisle towards her husband-to-be, with her gossamer veil trailing elegantly behind her. Despite the fact that they had already celebrated a First Look with one another, neither of them could hide the wealth of emotions suddenly welling up within them as their eyes locked onto one another. An instant. A single moment where the only two people in existence was simply each other.

Debonair in a black tux with a brilliant white shirt, and a large orange bloom in the lapel, the groom awaited his bride with bated breath until her hand slipped into his. With an array of rustic wood benches filled with family and friends all watching with watery smiles and glistening eyes, the two exchanged heartfelt vows full of love and promises for their future together. With a dramatic kiss and lots of cheering, the couple were officially man and wife. Culturally representative black capes with gold embroidery wrapped about them, they made their way back down the aisle, this time together, hand in hand.

Lots of laughing and well wishes following them, everyone met in the reception tent where the newly married Mr. and Mrs. were introduced. There was an array of exquisitely tall centerpieces, a multitude of flowers framing the walkways, flower arches, and a variety of fragrant food and delicious drinks. Friends and family stood together with one another as they toasted the happy couple - no one able to contain their joy! Each one more moving than the last until every single person in attendance was brought to happy tears.

The gentle pitter patter of the rain was a beautiful backdrop as everyone settled down to a delicious dinner, now the live band began to slowly awaken everyone’s dancing shoes. In no time at all, the trumpet was blaring, the guitars were ringing out while the drums got everyone moving. The lights of the reception tent giving off a soft, romantic glow, everyone started dancing and showing off their best moves. Her white dress clinging to her, the bride was no stranger to the dance floor as her and her love led their guests into dance after dance late into the night. The moon shining bright and the energy of the evening shifting, the groom pulled his bride into his arms. Exhausted and happy, the two simply held one another as the last song played.

Wedding Photos By: Megs Photography


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