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Vibrant Rocky Mountain Elegance

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Carly and her beau, Brad, had all our jaws dropping on their wedding day! Just WOW! Very elegant, their wedding featured vibrant violet blooms interwoven with lots of greenery and eye-catching pops of vivid whites. They adorned the venue with glass-encased candles and beautiful wood accents, and their personalized signs made it a truly romantic and authentic experience.

Sweet and playful, the couple had no lack of companions to assist them in their dressing suites. With their amazing bridesmaids and groomsmen present to lend helping hands, they stepped out to greet each other - picture perfect. Breathtakingly elegant in a backless, turtleneck gown, that featured a sheer cape and a fur wrap, the bride was absolutely radiant as she walked toward her husband to be. The couple chose to do their first look at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. Brad, dashingly decked out in a navy suit with a crisp white shirt, was luminous as his bride joined him.

All beaming smiles, their eyes locked on one another, and the rest of the world seemingly disappeared, as they said their “I do’s” in front of their loving friends and family in a very emotional and intimate ceremony.

Stealing a quiet moment to themselves, they utilized the bustling creek, the stunning mountain views and the forest for their gorgeous wedding day photos. With a plethora of family and friends enjoying the happy celebration, the cocktail hour seemed to pass in the blink of an eye as both the radiant couple and their guests enjoyed our signature cocktail, the Blackstone Gold Rush. Something the bride simply loved the idea of considering it was a more “interactive” cocktail given the smoked rosemary garnish.

With lots of laughter and dipping kisses that never seemed to end, the couple danced the night away under the fairy lights of the reception area.

***Can we express how completely we LOVE the Forest Service Crew photo drop/bomb/#amazemeowsness of this couple's shoot? SO TRES FAB! So great! =) lol

Wedding Photos By: Michael Morse Photography


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